Sport Dogs For Sale

Sport dogs for sale.

Jara Female Belgian Malinois DOB February 22nd, 2019 Price $ 3,500 Jara is a very sweet girl with a lot of energy and power behind her. She would do well as either a sport dog for PSA or a dual … Continue reading Jara Green Dual Purpose

Kratos Male Dutch Shepherd DOBĀ  October 2nd, 2019 Puppy $4,000 Kratos is a very sweet puppy full of confidence. He is a little spit fire that likes to explore. Food motivated. Would be a good puppy for raising and working, … Continue reading Kratos Puppy Import

Puck DOB June 2nd, 2018 Female – Dutch Shepherd Sport Dog Price Green- Call For Price Puck is a very sweet girl. Would make a great sport dog for someone new getting into the sport. Good foundation of baiting commands … Continue reading Puck Sport Dog

Donna Female – Belgian Malinois DOB October 14th, 2014 Sport Dog Price – Call for price Donna is a wonderful sweet girl. Donna is a titled PH1 dog from the Netherlands. She has great environmental’s. Does great in home. She … Continue reading Donna Sport Dog

Catrine Female – Belgian Malinois DOB December 24th,2016 Price – Call for price. Catrine is a very sweet dog who loves to snuggle with her person. Bonds quickly. Likes a ball. Very food motivated. Will need a very active person … Continue reading Catrine Sport Dog