Richard Herskovitz – (Baltimore City, MD)

My name is Richard Herskovitz.  I own a Pawn Shop in Baltimore City.  I recently had to retire my protection dog Artie due to health problems.  A few of my problems in purchasing a new dog are that I need a dog who has the drive to excel in bite work, who is very social and a dog that also has the temperament to come home and be a family pet.  I also needed the dog NOW!

A few people suggested that I call Jerry Bradshaw from Tarheel Canine.  I told Jerry what I was looking for in a dog.  His response was, give me a few days.  Six days later Jerry called, “I have a dog that you might like”.  I packed my bags and drove down to Tarheel Canine in NC.    I never expected to find all of the qualities that I wanted in a dog, but Jerry brought out Axle, a beautiful 15 month old Sable Belgian Malinois.  He was a perfect fit for me.  He has a tremendous drive, a great civil alert and he was as social as any dog could be.  I don’t know how Jerry did it, but he found the perfect dog for me.

While I was down at Tarheel, I had the opportunity to meet and work with the trainers.  They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and they all had a passion and love for the dogs.  I also made some friends who I still keep in touch with.  I email them a few times a week with some sort of training question.  I always get a response in a few hours.

I would recommend Jerry and Taheel Canine to anybody who wants a quality dog at a very good price.  Jerry and his staff are a pleasure to work with and his training and kennel facilities are clean, modern and impressive.