Jim Tortorella – (Instructor School Student) – Illinois

I attended Tarheel Canine at 50 years old looking to make a career change after owning a construction company for 18 years. I am not, and never was a police officer or K9 handler; I had very little experience handling working dogs up until that point.  I have to say that I am very pleased with my experiences at Tarheel, with Jerry Bradshaw and his staff.  They all are very knowledgable and are more than willing to train the most experienced handlers as well as the new handlers.  I took the Police K9 Instructors Course and purchased a green dog to train while I was there.  I came out with an excellent Narcotics K9 that I could not be happier with.  I started a business doing private narcotics seaches (www.superiorcanineservices.com ) and am well on my way with my new career.  I have had questions since leaving Tarheel and the staff could not be more helpful and helping me with any problems that I have had.  I am hoping to grow my business and cannot wait to get another dog from Tarheel.

Jim Tortorella
Chicago, IL.