Dog Trainer School- Alvin Stravens

With the options of so many school for dog trainers that I could have choose from, I finally decided to join Tarheel Canine as I wanted to become a professional dog trainer and travel all the way from Seychelles to Sandford NC, USA. I do not regret of choosing to join Tarheel so that I could start my course of becoming a professional dog trainer. In my opinion I know that they are the best at what they do.

During my time there I got the chance to meet and train with the Owner and director of Tarheel Canine Mr Girard Bradshaw along with his team of fully experienced trainers which consist of Sean, Anna, Tracey, Stefanie and Adrian. They provided every student with all the necessary Knowledge that you would need in your career as a dog trainer.

I really want to thank you Jerry and all of your dedicated trainers mentioned above and I would recommend to anyone reading this now not to hesitate to join Tarheel Canine school for dog trainers and begin your career as a dog trainer there. You will not regret it!


Best Regards,

Alvin Stravens