Dog Trainer’s School- Nick Meier

I am writing this recommendation after returning from China, where I was working dogs in front of some of the most high ranking government K9 officials.  North State K9 Academy (Tarheel Canine) educated me with a solid foundation in which I was able to build my business to what it is today. It is an honor and blessing to be traveling the US and the World training dogs and decoys. It is truly a dream coming true through hard work, and perseverance . My education will never end, as my experience continues to grow and evolve so does my education. That said, my foundation was established at Tarheel.

Without a strong foundation, one has nothing to build upon.

Jerry pushed me on a daily basis, both physically and mentally. This is what made me the decoy and trainer I am today.

If you are willing to work hard, and be pushed from day one as well as day 200 choose Tarheel  Canine to give you the tools and foundation to become the best trainer you can be.

Nick Meier