In the News: K9 Reliability in Explosives Detection

Layered approaches to security are needed. Terrorists are rational problem solvers, and will work to stay ahead of our systems, we need to layer systems to reduce the probability of a successful attempt. As it is now, we are completely "reactive" to these events, scurrying about after the Christmas day attempt – talking up body scanners and other technologies, as if we shouldn;t have bee talking about this all along.

Further, I believe private-public partnerships can reduce costs and bring better screening. The new found American belief that only government can keep them safe is wrong headed. In Europe private security companies run all kinds of security in transportation networks, and are skilled and successful. It is time we start realizing that government cannot be the only entity to keep us safe, and as their mission increases in complexity, so does the bureaucracy which thwarts the mission. Government by its nature is very inefficient at solving problems of this kind, and we should at least talk about public – private partnerships.